Mobile babies...

..does not mean babies you can use to make a wireless phone call, unfortunately it means babies who can now get to another area of the room/house without your arms and legs.
I remember when Savannah became mobile she quickly realized this crawling thing was slowing her down, so within a month of mastering crawling she had mastered walking. I took her walking for her first Halloween, she was 10 months old.
I doubt either of the twins will be walking for their first Halloween, but Audrey has discovered if she puts her feet down when she's being set down to sit, she can stand instead, and she likes it.
Bowie is my planner. He isn't about to jump willy nilly into this crawling thing without practicing balance and being very sure he is steady enough to make it from point A to point B without slipping. Bowie will get up on all fours and rock back and forth, back and forth, get down again on his belly, maybe take a thumb sucking break, and then it's back up for more rocking practice.
They both have taken to baby wrestling and seem to enjoy it a lot, even when it makes Mommy wince.
And so they continue into their first year of life. Ready or not Momma, there they go!

8 months ago today..

Today marks the day 8 months ago that I met my precious little Bowie and Audrey for the first time.

Today they are both very unhappy while awake due to the recent arrival of four teeth, two each.

Today they can both steam roll their way about the house and walk quickly in their walk about toy.

Today Audrey can sit up unassisted and stand while holding onto things for brief periods.

Today Bowie still refuses to sit up, he'd rather slouch and slump, wriggle and lurch. He can get up on all fours but soon finds his thumb and usually decided it would be time better spent with that in his mouth.

Today they enjoy eachother's company and wait for the other before eating, and look for other after waking.

Today they play with one another and even wrestle over toys, and over spots on the floor.

Today they eat most all fruits and veggies (that are age appropriate) and love frozen fruit in their mesh feeders.

Today they can hold their sippy cups by themselves and pick up puffs and feed themselves (usually).

Today I am very happy, looking forward to the next four months in which we will see babies transition into toddlerdom. It is an exciting time and it goes so fast I hope to never miss a moment!

God's Grace

My oldest daughter, Savannah Grace has the most fitting name ever. I always knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that if it was a girl she would have Grace in her name, after all from conception~she was the perfect example of God's grace.
She has continuously lived up to this name and never fails to amaze me on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong she has a very normal temperament and very normal moments of childish immaturity but so often has these incredible insightful moments that leave me in total awe.
Last night she came to me and said she needed to talk, we went into my bedroom and sprawled out on my bed, I was ready for some 'girl talk' :)
She proceeds to tell me about our next door neighbors' oldest girl who is 13 and beginning high school in the fall. Savannah tells me how she feels this girl is scared about starting high school without any of her old middle school friends, how she puts up a 'tough' act but Savannah knows it's just to avoid getting hurt. She tells me this girl is really great at soccer and is too afraid of being negatively judged to join the high school team, and how she (Savannah) has been praying for her(the neighbor) and feeling the pull to share with her Bible stories pertaining to courage. She then tells me that this girl was using her little sister as an excuse to not join up because of after school practice she wouldn't be able to pick her up from the bus stop. Savannah asked if we could start picking up the little sister so that the older one could join soccer. This all coming from my little girl!
I was left completely breathless. I mean here is this 10 year old, so insightful and observant, cares so much about other people and looking for any way to help out someone in need because it is second nature to her. The kicker of it all is Savannah's frequently picked on because of her kind heart, her peers have always found her generosity to be a weakness and take every opportunity to poke fun at her innocence. Yet Savannah just let's it roll of her back, she will confide in me if it gets to be bothersome, we talk and pray together and she moves on. Never does she act differently though, she refuses to conform to their 'worldly' standards and to that I say God is truly amazing.
I am humbled daily at His wonders that are my children, my husband and my life.
Amazing Grace.


In all their babblings it has finally happened, Bowie has begun 'randomly' babbling dada dada over and over...I know it's just sounds right now, but I have to admit it does make me want to work on Audrey just a little bit harder to see if we can't squeeze a 'random' mama out of her..
Although I did read somewhere at some point that it is easier for them to sound out the d syllable before the m, hence the dada's usually coming out first. So my efforts may be futile but I will not admit defeat until I hear it from the mouth of babes!

Only way it's going to happen

After much thinking over I realized the only way I will ever get to writing milestones about my kiddos is by starting a blog..babybooks just aren't going to make it this time around.

My incredible husband Craig and I are proud parent's to a beautiful and amazing 10 year old daughter, Savannah and 6 month old boy / girl twins, Bowie and Audrey. My family is my life and here is where I will share as much about them as I can. Now Savannah does have a first year baby book, filled out mind you, and while the twins do have baby books, I have been able to put their names on them and that is all. This will be more efficient way of keeping our lives memories in order so here goes..